ICON's Digital Voltage Regulator (DVR) is a Next Generation Static Digital Voltage Regulators' designed to operate in industrial environment, the product offers a very high accuracy, low distortion, wide regulation range & low maintenance.

DVR is rugged equipment and ideally suitable for industry applications where constant voltage is required. It protects the equipment from over voltage and under voltage. We have the world class facility for manufacturing the DVR upto 150 KVA for single phase & three phase.


Voltage fluctuation problems are quite common in most of the countries in the world, particularly in India. Three Phase Power Systems when unevenly loaded causes different phase - neutral voltages and heavy current in the neutral conductor. Due to dynamic nature of single-phase loads / utility it is not possible to rearrange the configuration of the system to make it symmetrical. To overcome these problems, Phase & Neutral Balancing System is considered a complete solution.

Ventillation System

It is an Energy efficient, safe, automatic and intelligent system to regulate the environmental parameters (temperature and humidity) in a BTS Shelter.

It enhance the life of Air Conditioners by reducing the need of Air Conditioners.

It is most suitable in areas where temperature of the most years time is between 10℃ - 30℃, like in Hilly Areas.

Chemical Earthing

Grounding is the process of making contact with earth. This process involves insertion of an electrode into the soil. The resistivity of the soil determines the effectiveness of the electrode. Ninety five percent of the resistance of a grounding electrode is established by the soil within close proximity of the electrode. Replacing all or the part of the soil with highly conductive backfill called Ground Augmentation Fill (GAF), we can achieve a very low resistance ground connection. It enhances the electrode performance by providing an extraordinary low resistance interface of 0.5 ohm/m.


Telephone lines are one of the most common entry point for voltage surges from lightning strike or other sources. By using IPM before the pair of telephone line terminated at MDF, it provides protection against these surges.


Microcontroller based AMF Panel is suitable for use with Diesel Generator sets, which are used for standby or auxiliary power generation. It is configurable and suitable for single or three phase generator sets. The unit automatically controls the starting and stopping of the Diesel Generator in the absence of mains power and the load will transfer accordingly. Vital operating parameters are monitored and displayed. If abnormal operation is detected, the unit alarms and provides generator set to shutdown.