Microwave Towers:

ICON offers complete solutions for Microwave tower including Supply, Erection, Installation & commissioning of all type of microwave towers Angular, Tabular, Hybrid, Guide and Monopole towers with height ranging from 20m to 120m.

We design the tower as per the site requirement and according to wind velocity at the location. We offer an extensive range of Galvanized Tower with galvanized bolts.These towers are known for their high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and durable nature.

Telecom Shelter

ICON have excellent prefab Shelter that can be use as operational centre of the mobile tower. This shelter is designed and fabricated using quality tested raw material in compliance with international quality standards. Our shelter features are easy installation, less maintenance and heat insulated.

Diesel Generator Set

We are one of the prominent organizations, engaged in Supply, Installation, Commissioning the wide range of 5 KVA - 125 KVA Diesel Generator Set that find application in varied industry. We offered DG Sets which are Robust in construct, these machines are made using quality material and are precisely engineered for a long lasting and hassle-free performance


  • Compliance to latest emission & noise norms as per CPCB.
  • Electronic/A1 Governing.
  • Lowest life cycle cost.
  • Lowest maintenance requirement & cost.
  • Low noise & vibration levels.
  • Long life.
  • User friendly Standard & AMF panel.
  • Ease of operation & maintenance.
  • Can work in extreme temperatures.
  • No fluctuations, no flickering, ensures life of your equipment.

Green Energy System

Green Energy (Renewable Energy) is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight & wind.

Green Energy System is a hybrid system consisting of different power sources and a control system for managing the load and monitoring various parameters. The system is equipped with power sources such as Wind Power, Solar Power, Grid and Diesel Generator. This system is best suited for locations where renewable energy sources like Wind and Solar availability is high.

    The Green Energy System comprises of the following components:

  • Hybrid Solar Mill.
  • Wind & Solar Charge Controller.
  • Energy Management Systems with Remote Monitoring.
  • Battery Banks.
  • DC Distribution Box with Charge Controller.
  • Inverter (Optional).

Lightning Prevention System:

We are a total solution provider in the field of lightning and surge protection systems. We are premier partner of M/s Ligtning Eliminator Consultant Inc. USA, patent holder of Charge Transferh Technology based Dissipation Array System (DAS), which is a lightning prevention system. We have our own state of art facilities where we assemble DAS as per design and directions from the LEC.

About the Products:

Dissipation Array System prevents lightning strike to both the protected area & the array itself. These systems prevent strike by continually lowering the voltage differential between the ground & the charged cloud to well below the lightning potential. It employs the Charge Transfer principle by providing thousands of points which simultaneously produce ions over a large area, thus preventing the formation of streamer which is precursor of a lightning strike. Dissipation Array System (DAS) has been proven system for more than last 40 years worldwide by extending trouble free performance and satisfaction to the customers

    We are pleased to inform following merits of DAS, which makes this system as best lightning protection solutions in the world:

  • This is a Lightning Prevention System.
  • This is the only system which is scientifically proven.
  • This is the only system, which can be tested in real lightning condition.
  • This is the only system which eliminates secondary effect of lightning like Electro-magnetic Interference, Radio Freq. Interference, High Ground Current, Internal Transient, etc.

Surge Protection Unit Class 'B'

  • Lightning current protective device based on hermetically sealed gas filled spark-gaps.
  • Lightning/Surge Protection Rating : Line – Neutral = 50KA; Neutral – Ground = 100KA tested @ 10/350us test pulse.
  • Response time 50 nano sec.
  • Potential free contact for both Class B & C stage.

Surge Protection Unit Class 'C'

  • Bi-directional, parallel configured, Threshold Response circuitry utilizing advanced component encapsulation technology.
  • Response Time: ≤1 nanosecond.
  • Surge protection rating of 40KA per phase.
  • EMI/RFI Attenuation: Up to 41dB normal mode, up to 40dB common mode.

48V DC Surge Protection Unit

  • Bi-directional, parallel configured, Threshold Response circuitry utilizing advanced component encapsulation technology.
  • Response Time: ≤1 nanosecond.
  • NEMA 4 (IP66) weatherproof enclosure.
  • Surge Handling Capacity: 24 KA per phase.

Data Line Protection

We have special data line protectors for RS 232 port. The response time of this protection device is < 1 ns.

Co-axial (RF) Protector

We offer special DC blocked coaxial protector is designed to pass RF frequencies & block all DC. The protector appears as a DC open between surge & protected ports & offers the best protection in the industry. DC blocked RF lightning protectors have significant advantages over non blocked RF lightning (Quarter Wave Stub & Straight Gas Tube) protectors. The response time of this protection device is < 1 ns.


Trouble free operation of today’s telecom system requires the use of power supplies units, which are reliable & ready to be brought into operation at any time. The basis of construction of ICON's telecom power supplies are switched mode power module in plug in technology.

SMPS Power Supply

ICON’s FCBC is SMPS based highly efficient unit that provides charging to batteries and at the same time supply Regulated DC supply to the communication equipments. It has 48 Volts Regulated DC output. The modular design allows step-by-step increase of current capacity by adding modules. This approach offers redundancy in (N+1) configuration, thus providing very high performance & Cost effective solution.

    Product Feature & Advantages:

  • Extremehigh power density reducing space demands.
  • High efficiency >90 % between 30 - 100 % load.
  • Wide range of input voltage (85 V – 275 V).
  • Power constant DC output with temperature compensation.
  • Real hot-plug connection.
  • Ease of installation, Operation and Expansion.
  • Systems status and alarm information with microprocessor-controlled monitoring systems.

Pure Sinewave Inverter

ICON's Pure Sinewave Inverter is a two-in-one system that eliminates the need to have separate power back-up solutions for computers and other appliances. Pure Sinewave Inverter is a System that works as an Inverter as well as a UPS saving you both Space and Money.

ICON's Pure Sinewave Inverter is compatible with all battery types – Tubular, SMF and LA – making it highly versatile. Faster charging for all battery types leads to significant power savings and lower electricity bills, while its Home-Safe Chassis Design makes it totally Shock-proof and completely safe for your home and children.

Our Pure Sinewave Inverter is available for a range of 650VA to 3.5KVA

  • Fast changeover time.
  • Smart charge technology.
  • Intelligent thermal management.
  • Miniature circuit breaker instead of fuse.
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Easy Switch-over & reduce power consumption.
  • LED display.
  • Thermal protections.
  • No load shutdown feature.
  • Intelligent battery low cutoff.

On-Line UPS

On-Line UPS Systems from are designed to save your sensitive equipments from main lines failure, voltage fluctuations, blackouts and other electrical disturbances. UPS not only provides data security but also saves your hardware from getting damaged, thus promising smooth working hours. The online UPS is ideal for an environment where electrical isolation is necessary or for equipment that is very sensitive to power fluctuation.


Networking equipments, computer rooms, mission critical process, banks, offices, railways, airport, hospitals, defence and telecom centers, all type of Single Ph. Loads

  • True Online Double Conversion Technology.
  • High End Micro Controller.
  • Automatic Battery Charging in UPS Off Mode.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range.
  • Advanced Battery Management.
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection.
  • Parallel Redundant / Hot Standby. (optional).
  • Galvanic Isolation.
  • 1 Phase in ~ 1 Phase out (upto 15KVA).
  • 3 Phase in ~ 1 Phase out (upto 50KVA).
  • Specially Designed to Suit Indian Power and Environment Conditions.
  • Generator Compatible.